7 Things You Didn’t Know About Ellen Alexander

With her busy schedule, the singer barely has time to rest. Here are 7 things Ellen Alexander fills her time with that you probably didn’t know about.

She sang in a church choir.
“That’s how my singing career began, in a church choir in Russia! My parents were always busy with work, so they pushed me to participate in all kinds of after-school activities. I also took courses in the Russian Conservatory.”

She did ballroom dancing and ballet.
“And not just that! I started doing ballet at the age of 4 and switched to ballroom dancing at 12. Everything starts to blend together after a while, so let’s just call it dance. I danced competitively for many years.”

She comes from a well-known family of engineers.
“My grandfather was one of the leaders in the Russian space program. He worked with famous names like Korolev and Gagarin. They were building the Cosmodrome and space stations at the time.”

She’s a biotech enthusiast.
“I’m working on a biotech project with a friend from Harvard. It’s called Create Your Future and the focus is to help women have brilliant kids.”

She wanted to research the human body and anti-aging. 
“My parents always let me choose what I wanted to do, but they also wanted me to get the best education, so they sent me to a physics and mathematics specialized school. That’s how I developed my love of sciences and technology. My dream was to research the human body and find cures for untreatable diseases. That hasn’t happened yet, but who knows, maybe one day!”

Her past relationship was perfect.
“My ex was a workaholic, just like me. I would come over and we would just work. I know it sounds crazy, but it was the perfect arrangement. He motivated me to work harder. I don’t think I’ve met anyone as ambitious since.”

She’s a business owner.
“A friend of mine started a tech company; it’s basically something like Airbnb for cars. I loved the idea, so I created a partner company. I see a future in technology and I can never pass up on opportunities like these. Plus, most of my friends are in tech, so it’s the perfect scenario!”