Ellen Alexander’s Suggestions to Become a Better You in a Matter of Months

We all have that friend we admire and wonder how she / he does it. How comes she/he can keep a healthy diet, exercise regularly, take pleasure in their daily activities and work and so on. It’s a bit difficult to understand that, in many cases, happiness is just a matter of practice. A routine! How can you become your better self in a matter of a few months or less and enjoy your life (and everything in it) more?
You can find plenty of advice online, from different sources, more or less reliable. We decided to ask someone who managed to thrive during this difficult time for all of us. Ellen Alexander is a Russian supermodel, but also a singer, actress and entrepreneur in the beauty industry. Now residing in Los Angeles, she saw new opportunities for self-improvement, career progress and even business over the last few months. So, we asked Ellen how she does it and what we can do to become our better selves too!

How did you spend the last 8 months of your life?
Ellen Alexander: Well, in lockdown, just like everybody else! Actually, my lockdown started a bit early, I started avoiding crowded places early this year! In the beginning, I was always outside exercising. Once a day, even several times per day if I had the time.  It’s good for health, and not just physical, but mental health too. Bill Blass said that “When in doubt, wear red”. My personal motto is “When in doubt, exercise!”. It clears my mind, makes me feel better and look good too. So, it’s my go to “treatment” whenever things are difficult or changing. After the initial wave of shock, I started adapting to the new way of things, focusing on my career, new projects and self-care, I guess.

What did you do for self-care?
Ellen Alexander: You can say that I got busy taking care of myself! I read, a lot. This was something I loved doing, but never had enough time for it before. When the pandemic started, I allowed myself to indulge in reading for hours. Reading is amazing self-care, even if we don’t always see this at first! I also did beauty treatments, but I’d still put reading first on my self-care list. It helps cope with whatever situation you’re in, gives you perspective and even a break from reality! If you want to become your better self you should read (TED talks count as reading too!), get more interested in your diet too, these are some of the most powerful things you can do to see results rather quickly. 

How did you find the motivation to work, to be productive?
Ellen Alexander:  When you are used to being involved in interesting projects all the time, it becomes a part of who you are. It’s fun to work when you do your thing, you know what they say. And it’s true. Also, when things are tough, it can actually help to focus on work projects, instead of other things out of your control. I put more time and effort into my music career, during this time and also I’m working on a new online store for my Instagram. Motivation comes easy to me, it’s probably a matter of habit too. Also, working with people who are motivated, professional and energetic helps too. 

What do you miss from before?
Ellen Alexander: I was a real social butterfly before the pandemic hit. It was my job, I was out most nights, events, parties and so on. Now I would sometimes go out and have a sandwich and some orange juice on a terrace (only if there are few or no people about!) and it’s enough. I guess, we can easily adapt to all changes, if we allow ourselves to embrace the change instead of fighting it. Of course, I miss my friends, and all those projects that are off limits now. But the more time passed, the more I got comfortable with my new projects, routines and socializing online with my friends.