How do models manage to have flawless skin all the time? Is it in their genes, the skincare products they use? Some secret beauty therapies we don’t know about? We all cleanse and moisturize, but there must be other things to do to get glowing skin. And what better way to find out then go straight to the source and ask – in this case, we had a little beauty chat with a Russian beauty – Ellen Alexander. 
Ellen is not only a striking beauty but also a talented artist involved in the music industry, as well as theater and movies. Originally from Moscow, she is now living in Los Angeles – the City of Angels, famous for its nightlife.

You look absolutely stunning! Tell us about your daily beauty routine?
Ellen Alexander: I don’t really do much for my daily routine! And I’m not really that focused on my look! But I do the simple things, like using coconut oil regularly, as well as vitamin C and vitamin E. I apply the vitamin E and coconut oil not only on my skin but also on my hair. 

Do you have a particular brand or product that you use all the time?
Ellen Alexander: For me, beauty it’s less about the products you buy and apply on your face every morning and evening. Beauty it’s more about keeping an active lifestyle, staying fit. I love to go hiking, spend time on the beach, and I do exercise almost every day. Pilates does more for my body, health and beauty than any cream. And massages – you can really see an

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