How to Keep Healthy, Fit and Happy

– Tips and Tricks from a Russian Beauty

Russian Supermodel Tips and Tricks to keep fit,

healthy and happy

Our beauty routine, how much we exercise, what we eat, how much we sleep, all these things have an impact on our health and looks, and not only in the present, but also in the future too. With so many temptations available nowadays, it’s difficult to keep in shape and healthy. However, it is entirely possible, even without the personal trainers and chefs celebrities have. We’ve reached out to a Russian supermodel and asked for advice on how to keep healthy, fit and happy. Ellen Alexander is now living and working in United States, Los Angeles to be more exact. She looks amazing, and sends out these fabulous positive vibes that are contagious. She is a pleasure to talk and listen to. Here is what we’ve got from her!

You look fabulous! How did you manage to keep fit when all over the world people started baking, cooking and eating more during the initial phase of the lockdown?
Ellen Alexander: With the whole isolation thing, it’s been rather easy to watch my diet and to keep in a good shape. I like green juice a lot, I feel like it gives me all the vitamins I need, I have energy to do all the things I want to do, and my skin looks great too. I don’t eat fast food, I’m a strong believer in all that is natural, so no artificial stuff for me, please! I believe in balance in everything, including when it comes to food.

How do you keep in shape? Do you exercise a lot?
Ellen Alexander: I’ve been doing ballet since I was four years old. There were times when I’d dance for six hours per day. I even got a Masters of Sports, I’ve been in different national competitions, so I’m no stranger to exercising in whatever form it comes! And when you start exercising and you are consistent with it, it will show on your body. And you won’t lose that beautiful body shape, not even if you can’t work out for some time due to various reasons. I think that once you get a lovely shape of the body, it is easier to sustain it, if you have some discipline and, of course, the motivation. I exercise on a regular basis. I don’t have a preferred routine now, but I make sure to exercise at least a couple of times per week. 

Do you eat sugar? What sugary treats are your favorite?
Ellen Alexander: Portion control is essential when it comes to the diet. In the end, it doesn’t even matter all that much what you eat, if you do it in moderation. Of course, small portions of junk food every day are still not a good idea! But it won’t do permanent damage if you have a bit of sugar every now and then. I am a big fan of yogurts and orange juice. These are my favorite treats ever. And they are good! Yogurt has some sugar in it, but also probiotics which are great for gut health, not to mention it tastes delicious! And orange juice, well, it’s hard not to love orange juice. And it is packed with vitamin C which is great for the skin and immunity too. This is what I choose when I have a sweet tooth.

How do you stay away from temptation when it comes to food?
Ellen Alexander: I always prioritize the health benefits of food. I’m looking at food in terms of what nutrition it can give me. What do I get from eating this? This helps me make wise choices and stay healthy and fit!

What was the best health/ weight loss advice you ever got?
Ellen Alexander: I was fortunate enough to have an amazing dance teacher, one of the stars of the Russian ballet. Even in her old age, she still looked amazing and could exercise for a long time. She was the one teaching me that it’s important not to overeat. She used to say “If you want to have a sandwich, eat a quarter of a sandwich and share the rest with friends”. It had an impact on me and even now I’m always sharing food with friends and neighbors! It’s funny, but it’s effective in terms of the results you can achieve. The tendency is often to eat more than we need and this translated into excessive weight and other problems. When you share food, what happens is that you get up from the table not feeling 100% full. However, if you still need more food, there is nothing stopping you to get a snack later, but usually, it’s just not necessary.

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