Top 5 Ideas to Cope with Isolation from a Supermodel

It is true so we might just as well admit it: some of us were affected more by the isolation than others. And we all know that people in the entertainment, beauty and fashion industry were among the most affected. So, how do you cope with isolation when you’re a social butterfly, attending parties every day of the week, hosting events, doing fashion shows and meeting people for new business opportunities every week? We really wanted to know, so we asked a Russian supermodel, singer and actress. 
Ellen Alexander is currently living in Los Angeles. Before the pandemic hit, she was having an active, busy life. She had lots of modeling projects, magazine covers and commercials, but also singing and becoming a successful entrepreneur. We asked Ellen how she coped with isolation and here are 5 ideas we got from her that really put things into a different perspective:

1. Keep busy
Ellen Alexander: When all this started, some of the projects I was involved with were brought to a grinding halt. It was difficult to envisage how long this situation will last and what to do meanwhile. At first, it seemed pointless to think of new projects and ideas, but shortly I realized this is the only thing I could do to feel better and productive – to keep busy. This is when I started working more on my music, and I did release the Shadows video during this difficult period. I’ve also started writing a book about my grandfather, one of the pioneers of the Russian spaceship programs. 

2. Exercise regularly
Ellen Alexander: If nothing else, this pandemic taught us that health is the most precious gift of all. And investing time and effort in being healthy became a priority for many of us during this time. I used to exercise before too, I mean I’ve always exercised in one way or the other, since I can remember. But when the lockdown started and all we had was a run in the park, it got even more important to keep in shape. So, what I did is to exercise daily. I had more time, so why not invest it in something that was really good for me? My advice is don’t skip on exercising, it’s something you do for you and a long term investment in your health!

3. Watch your diet
Ellen Alexander:  To be honest I was never tempted to eat more or eat foods I’d normally avoid when the isolation started. But I know that many people did this and it wasn’t a good idea. A sedentary life and an unhealthy diet can have a serious negative impact on your health, so don’t give in to this. Instead watch your diet, try to improve it and make the changes you always wanted to make to look and feel better. 

4. Be social
Ellen Alexander: Yes, I know, we are talking about social distancing and isolation. These are the keywords of our time. However, all experts agree that this isolation and distancing is not ideal for our mental health. So, what I did and what I suggest you do too is to be social. You can be social on social media, on Zoom, skype, Facebook, Instagram, whatever feels right for you. It’s important to keep your friends and family close so we avoid that feeling of alienation. 

5. Take care of yourself
Ellen Alexander: Since going to beauty clinics was not really an option for quite some time, I’ve started working on myself at home, trying new treatments like paraffin for my hands and feet, DIY facial masks, skin firming procedures and others. All these helped me feel good and look the same without help from professionals! I’ve also researched and got computer glasses. Since I was spending more time than before in front of screens, my eyes were tired, I had headaches in the evenings and I knew I had to do something. It’s important to invest in self-care, it always, always pays off!