CLOVE + HALLOW Makeup Melt





  • REMOVES WATERPROOF MAKEUP all natural cruelty free and vegan oil cleanser digs deep to break down even the toughest makeup
  • MULTIPURPOSE MIRACLE this balm to oil cleansing oil can be used as a first step makeup remover, cleanser, or hydrating spot salve for rough patches on the skin
  • TREAT YOUR SKIN WITH LOVE the natural and vegan ingredients in this balm to oil cleanser gently removes dirt and makeup from skin without tugging or pulling
  • PRO-QUALITY FROM THE USA developed and manufactured in the United States by a professional makeup artist, this natural and cruelty free balm to oil makeup remover works like a charm
  • STURDY PACKAGING THAT LASTS packaged in strong acrylic, this balm to oil makeup remover can withstand the shower, traveling and drops


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